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UniMac Washer Extractors

UniMac Washer Extractors
  • Super High 300 G-Force Extraction
    Extraction speeds up to 3 times faster than some machines mean shorter drying times, saving significantly on labor costs.
  • Four Fast-Fill Water Valves
    We've doubled the customary number of valves to speed up filling time, shaving valuable minutes off every cycle.
  • Unlinc™ Advanced Computer Control
    Easy-to-use, intuitive controls streamline employee training and serves as a virtual laundry manager to ensure maximum labor efficiency.
  • Rapid Jetspray Rinse
    Save nearly three minutes on every rinse step with streamlined spray rinse that drains immediately, rather than performing the usual time-consuming bath-style rinse cycles.
  • Overnight Delayed Start Get a 30-minute head start on the workday with our programmable delayed start feature.
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UniMac Tumble Dryers

UniMac Tumble Dryers
  • The UniMac tumblers achieve the perfect balance between drying temperature, airflow pattern and usable cylinder space for maximum energy efficiency, shortening drying times - and reducing your utility and labor costs.
  • Plus, an extra-large reversible steel door allows convenient and efficient access, while a self-cleaning lint filter eliminates the need to manually clean the filter after each use.
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UniMac Light Commercial Washers / Dryers

UniMac Light Commercial Washer / Dryers
  • Not all on-premises laundries require large capacity washer-extractors and drying tumblers. UniMac's light commercial washers, dryers and stack units meet the needs of these facilities with the same reliability and efficiency of our larger models.
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